Strange dream about my uterus

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Dear Women,

Recently, I was at Earthdance, which turned out to be quite eventful for me in different ways.
And I had a really strange dream about my uterus. I usually do not dream or rather if I do, then I have no re-collection of the dreams when I get up. But this one was quite vivid.

I dreamt that I was at an event where there were many different things happening. Particularly it was a ship. From amongst the many people, there was 1 woman there who I recognised to be from a tantra workshop I had attended before. The place was sectioned out like trance type of sections with pre-dominant of red colors around. I noticed there were some hushed conversations amongst some people and inspite of asking what they were talking about, I didn't get any answers. But it seemed they were whispering something about me and this other woman.
Then a man emerged who claimed to be something like a doctor and offered us something. And I drank it. This other woman, lets call her M, asked me for my help desperately and I said yes. The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor with a red carpet and people going about doing their own thing.
I felt something near my yoni, like stitches and I am wondering what is all this? And I ask around and someone says, oh, we have temporarily given your uterus to M. She wanted it.
But I ask, no one asked for my permission. I want it back.
And I am told, what's the big deal? You will get it back. And they turn away and walk away from me without a care.
I am going around desparately looking for M, for I feel decieved and robbed but I can't find here anywhere on the ship. Someone told me she is gone.
She is gone? But what about my uterus? How will I get it back.
I ask around for the man who claimed to be some doctor and no one knows who I am talking about. They look at me as if I am some bizarre woman asking for my uterus back.
Suddenly I relaize that there is no one there to understand me or help me. And I left without my uterus just crying out that I want my uterus back, feeling empty, lost and robbed.
I woke up from the dream feeling that my uterus is gone.

I also happened to accidently meet my ex-partner's current(??) lover. And this was a relationship which had deceit written all over it.

I wonder what my dream meant and what the significance of the uterus was?
I know I am still healing from the relationship, but why specifically so much emphasis on the uterus?

Any clues on dream interpretations or books/web-links???

I am really curious to understand what's going on within me.....
I thought of posting here to see if anyone has any insights.

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    Thu, September 29, 2005 - 5:40 PM
    If it were my dream (I worked with a group that did trance journeys and we always said that so as to not sound as though we were giving THE correct interpretation) I would think the uterus symbolized female power. What else would it symbolize? You might ask yourself in a quiet place what it means to YOU. It may have other layers of meaning.

    The woman "M" seems to have been given your power and no one but you seems to think it's a big deal. Is this woman someone you know in the waking world? It's clear that it was only borrowed, and that you'll get it back, but it's a painful, shocking thing to have happen, especially since you didn't CHOOSE to lend it! Sounds like it's time for some nurturing, empowering care for a bit until it comes back! The dream may be showing you a way to heal, if you look at it deeply and ask for guidance. Blessings on you!
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    Fri, October 7, 2005 - 1:41 AM
    Greetings KaLi,
    Thank you for sharing your dream. If it were my dream....

    About M, sometimes in my dreams there is a woman, she could be a very different manifestation from one dream to the next, but I know her to be another Me even though she may be nothing like my idea of myself and I may even find her revolting or we have some conflict in the dream. I find characters in dreams to be very refletive that way. Just for clarity, is the woman you recognized from the tantra workshop the same as M?

    You mention that you are on a ship, and although I'm not sure if you mean a spaceship or a boat, either way it is a closed environment which I would interpret as meaning that all the characters are aspects of yourself.

    You say that no one asked for your permission to lend out your uterus, but you also wrote that M asked you for your help and you said yes. That seems to me like you did agree, on some level. Also since you bring up your ex partner, I wonder if the man in your dream could represent him and the "something to drink" could represent the deceit that you also mention. In our culture, doctors have an elevated station, their role is to know more than their patients and to be able to fix them. Many people allow doctors to make life or death decisions for them based on this premise and never even know what they are consenting to. Your words "claimed to be something like a doctor" evoke to me distrust in what he was claiming. You write that you asked around for him after losing your uterus. Was that because you thought he could help you get it back or because you suspect he was the one who performed the surgery to take it out?

    I agree with the uterus representing female (creative) power. And if M in the dream represents the new lover of your ex partner, whose relationship you are still healing from, then the dream could be showing you that on some level you have given away--or lost-- your female power as a response to whatever happened in the relationship. The other people in the dream who were unconcerned and tell you that you will get your uterus back, I would interpret as other parts of yourself which aren't involved in this emotional drama and know that another cannot truly possess your anything against your will.

    I would say the message of the dream is to draw your attention to what's going on with your feminine creative power so that you can consciously regain access to it.

    Blessing to you.
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      Re: Strange dream about my uterus

      Sun, October 9, 2005 - 10:18 PM
      Dear tribemates.

      Thank you so much in helping me shed some light on my dream.

      I did look up the web-site mentioned below, but could not find what find what Uterus signifies.
      Though I feel the same as Gretchen that it signifies my feminine creative power - which in the process of the relationship - I have lost.

      To answer some Qs, the woman M is wman I have met a coule of times at Tantra workshops, but I am not in contact with her. So I am surprised that she appeared in my dream.

      I agree to help in general without knowing what that exactly meant, but what was "taken" from me was without consent. I think this parallels the many situations I was in, in my relationship.

      The ship is a ship sailing somewhere in the sea.

      I think the message for me here to continue to self-heal and nurture and regain my creative feminine power.

      Its strange that since Feb I have been having some vivid dreams. I had 3 dreams in Feb in one night, 2 were regarding my friends and 1 regarding me. The spooky thing is the 2 regarding my friends have come true. The 3rd one regarding me has not - at least not yet.

      I am realsing that I need to pay more attention to the dreams that I remember in the morning. Perhaps write them down quickly to retain as much clarity as possible.

      Its spooky though.

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        Tue, October 11, 2005 - 4:05 PM
        I've had a couple wierd ones, too. I should be better about writing them, too. I heard a tip for remembering that's helped me when I didn't have time to write right away. As soon as you wake, if you don't have time to sit and write, give your dream a title and write that down. It helps, somehow.
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    Thu, October 27, 2005 - 8:58 AM
    Hi Kali,
    Another thought here is something that is taught from the indigenous women about dreams and the womb. It is said the womb, the uterus is our dream organ and that when women dream we weave our threads together, in a dream weave. I won't be able to share more today because of time ~ I am still organizing the conference on the belly and the womb and remain quite busy. I find your dream extremely interesting however and also wonder about how your threads may be tied to another in the dream world. ALisa
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      Re: Strange dream about my uterus

      Thu, October 27, 2005 - 7:11 PM
      I am curious. Would you write more when you have a chance?

      I am quite fascinated by my dream as well. Because this was the most vivid dream that I have had in a long time. And ties to some of my life events.
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        Fri, November 11, 2005 - 11:13 PM
        Okay, so most likely all the beautiful interpretations about the metaphorical significance of losing your uterus (power) are the true mark of this amazing and powerful dream.
        I want to add, from my own regret after several powerful dreams I had in my 20's about losing all of my teeth. I now just recently found out that I have advanced periodontal disease (a quiet destruction of the bone supporting the teeth). At 32 years old now, I am going to be losing at least 12 teeth.
        It may be wise as well, to explore the health of your uterus...
        Just a thought from someone who regrets seeing the obvious symbolism of my recurrent powerful dream.

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    Thu, February 22, 2007 - 5:33 AM
    Hi- I saw you reposted this dream on the Jungian site, but when I searched for it I found it on this tribe.

    One thing that strikes me about the dream is that the ship itself is very womb-like. Although your uterus is gone from your body, you are enclosed in something like a uterus. If it were my dream I would take from it the message that although the "small me" may have temporarily lost her female power, the "large me" still has it. I would also take it to represent that I am in a process of being reborn, and that the stage in which I am in the ship, without my uterus, is a time for still growth, patient waiting, rather than active, energetic growth.

    Since this dream is 1.5 years old now, do you have any insight whether you feel more empowered now (ie, gotten your uterus back) than Sept. 2005?

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